Are you being fleeced for paper bills?

I was horrified to find out last week that I am paying £3 extra every time BT sends me a paper bill in the post for my second landline. As they do it every month, that’s a whole £36 a year on top of the iniquitous rental charge of £19.99 a month.

It’s not often you have the Daily Mail to thank for anything but I am grateful to the Money Mail section for pointing out this paper billing charge. You may well ask why, as a money blogger, I didn’t notice myself. The fact is I had. I’m so used to BT’s random and frequent price rises that I assumed, when I spotted the hike back in October, that it was another one of those. Also, I have kept this account specifically as a paper bill because, in the past, it has been the only way I can provide proof of address for opening bank accounts, mobile phone subscriptions and other services which increasingly require all sorts of identity checks.

Converting to online from paper is quite easy – in theory. You just go to the online BT help section and follow the instructions. Of course, the Minted household as usual doesn’t, excuse the pun, fit the bill. For some reason I already have two different logins with BT and had to find a third email address to be able to register the second landline online and receive online billing. Anyway, it’s done and I’ve saved my £36 a year. Although I’m sure BT will extract another £3 because I’ve changed in the middle of the billing month.

I’m lucky that I have both access to the internet and the ability to use it. Those who don’t (particularly senior citizens) have to pay this unnecessarily steep charge which I’m sure wasn’t in the service agreement I signed up to. I hope the regulator will take note at some stage and make some changes.

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